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We have put together this FAQ page for people to refer to in the first instance before getting in touch with us by email. We often find the same questions being asked and as a charity-run pool, emails are answered by one of our volunteer team who often have full time jobs elsewhere!

However by all means if there is something you need more help with please do phone the pool during our working hours on 01626832828 where a Lifeguard will be able to assist with your query or direct you to email the pool committee for further assistance. Alternatively you can just still get in touch with us using the contact form or by email at


Lane Swimming

Q: When are you offering lane swimming?
A: You can find our timetable on our booking website and will find that we are offering sessions everyday most mornings and some afternoons and evenings.

Q: Do I have to book?
A: We recommend strongly that you book your session in advance to save you time on the day (we have to collect information from you for Test and Trace purposes and can only process you once everyone else is checked in which can eat into your swim). Additionally it means that you will not be disappointed in the rare occassion that we have a maximum number of people attending.

Q: How many lanes do you have and how many people are allowed in each?
A: We have two lanes, a faster lane and a slower lane. Each lane can hold a maximum of 10 people in each lane so we will have at most 20 people swimming in one lane swimming session.

Q: How long does the session last for?
A: The session lasts for one hour and that includes changing time on either side of your swim. This is to allow the Lifeguards to thoroughly clean and disinfect the premises between sessions for which they need all members of the public off the premises.

Q: What rules are there for lane swimming?
A: You can find the lane swimming rules linked HERE

Q: Can I overtake?
A: Overtaking is allowed when travelling from the deep end back down to the shallow end only, or at the ends of each length. This is to ensure that we have plenty of room to overtake and to ensure there are no collisions. Please do still be mindful of those around you and be sensible about allowing someone faster to overtake you at the end of a length if necessary. 

Family and Friends Pool Hire

Q: How soon before my session should I arrive?
A: We recommend arriving 5 minutes prior to the start of your session. That will maximise the amount of time you spend in the water.

Q: Will I have to fill anything out once I arrive?
A: Every person aged 16 and above will have to fill out their details on a Test and Trace form to comply with the law. 

Q: How many people can be in a Half Pool Hire session?
A: The exact numbers are detailed on the booking site when you are booking your ticket. Currently it is following the rule of 6 which is up to 6 people from more than two households or up to 12 people from two or less households. An individual in a support bubble can be part of one household. We count everyone including children and babies and this limit remains even if you hire several parts of the pool as this is in order to comply with the current law. We cannot allow alterations to this at this time including if its a group of children who go to school together for example.

Q: Will you be changing the limits in the future as the law changes?
A: Yes, we will likely be however we will wait until that guidance and law comes into place in order to implement it and will advertise accordingly on our social media and tickets.

Q: Do you allow spectators?
A: We cannot allow spectators outside of the number of your group and they would have to be on poolside in your area. The rules on meeting outside are the law so we have to comply with that.

Q: Can I bring any equipment or inflatables?
A: You can bring your own equipment or inflatables providing the duty lifeguard is happy they are safe to use and they remain over your side of the pool. We unfortunately cannot lend anything out ourselves.

Q: What are the rules for Family and Friend Pool Hire sessions?
A: You can read the rules HERE

Q: Are you offering bookings for past the date that is on the Booking Site?
A: Yes, our Booking Site is regularly updated with new dates. Please check back regularly and look at our social media where we will announce releasing the new slots.

Q: I am looking to hire for a group (e.g. school leavers) or a party, can I book?
A: Drop us an email and we will be able to get back to you with ways we can provisionally do this, remembering that we would need to ensure the booking complies with whatever the current rules and laws are at the time.


Using the Booking System (Bookwhen)

Q: How do I book a ticket?
A: You can book a ticket using the online booking system and selecting your tickets on there. In the first instance we strongly ask that everyone tries to use this. If you have an issue that cannot be resolved using this FAQs page then please phone the pool during opening hours on 01626832828.

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to book online?
A: No, you do not need a PayPal account to book online. You will still need to press the Pay on PayPal yellow button on the booking site but you should be presented with the option for a Guest Checkout once on the PayPal website (it will say in the address bar). If you are not presented with this option then try using a different browser or device (or on mobile devices, select Request Desktop Site in your browser settings).

Q: I don't have an email, can I still book online?
A: It is very simple to make an email address so we would recommend either using that or a friend/family members email in the first instance and continuing with your booking - no sensitive email or payment details are sent there from Bookwhen. You could also use a made up email ending in "" and it won't reach anyones actual email. If you are still struggling, please call the pool to book your ticket during our opening hours on 01626832828.

Q: When is there space?
A: On our online booking system ( you can click on each session to highlight it and it will show how many tickets are left available. For Lane Swimming sessions we have 20 tickets available in total. For Family and Friend Pool Hire sessions, there are two half pool hire tickets available and one toddler pool ticket available.

Q: Can I transfer my ticket to a different day?
A: For Lane Swimming sessions you may transfer it to a different date providing this is not on the actual day of the swim yourself by clicking on the green "View booking" link in your confirmation email and then clicking "Transfer" and selecting your new session. For Family and Friend Pool Hire sessions, you will need to email us at as our policy is that we have to resell the ticket prior to you being able to transfer it (this is because these tickets are popular but not often sold at short notice).

Q: Can I cancel my ticket?
A: You can cancel your Lane Swimming ticket up to a day before and receive a refund minus a cancellation fee covering booking system and PayPal fees. This needs to be done by contacting the swimming pool during opening hours on 01626832828 or in person. We can issue a refund at our till or through PayPal. Family and Friends Pool Hire sessions can also be cancelled but a refund can only be issued (minus a cancellation fee) if the session is resold.


Swimming Lessons

Q: Are you offering swimming lessons for my child this season?
A: We are working very closely with our swimming teacher team to see how to safely reintroduce swimming lessons (noting issues currently around social distancing meaning that swimming teachers cannot support your child in the water). We are starting to introduce 1 to 1 lessons starting in the second half of May. Please email our email address at with your child's age, ability and a contact phone number and we will be in contact with more information when we have it (we will save your details for when we can offer them). Note that certain ages may be more difficult to provide for initially with the requirement for social distancing being in place.

Q: Are you offering adult swimming lessons?
A: Yes, we are currently offering adult swimming lessons. Please fill in the form HERE and a swimming teacher will be in touch with you shortly!



Q: Are you offering Lifesaving this season?
A: Yes, excitingly two types of Lifesaving sessions will be occurring including a Speed Swimming session and a general Lifesaving session. The forms for this will be on our forms page once released.


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